Portuguese Social Security

Social Security contributions are paid by:

  • Employees;
  • Board members;
  • Independent workers / entrepreneurs.


Social Security Contributions - Main Rates

Description Employee Company
Employees 11% 23,75%
Statutory board members/directors (a) 9,30%
Independent workers /entrepreneurs (b):

- Mandatory Regime
29,60% 5%
- Also possessing a labour contract exempt exempt
Farmers and fishermen
Pensioners in employment:
- Age 7,50% 16,40%
- Handicap 8,90% 19,30%
Employees in early-retirement period:
- With more than 37 years of remuneration registered 3% 7%
- Other cases 7% 14,6%

(a)With the minimum and maximum limit of one and twelve times the IAS (2011: € 419,22 and € 5.030,64).

(b)After the first twelve months of activity.

Income not subject to Social Security contributions:

  • profit distributions;
  • lunch and daily allowances;
  • retirement pension contributions;
  • medical assistance;
  • subsidiy for the education of employees' children;
  • indemnity for termination of labour contract.

Social Security International Conventions

Employees or self employees and enterprenuers in Portugal from countries with which Portugal has signed a Convention on Social Security, working temporarily in the Portuguese territory, may obtain exemption from the payment of contributions in Portugal.

Country Exemption Months (a)
European Union Member States 24 (b)
Andorra 24
Argentina 12
Australia 48
Brazil 60
Cape Verde 24
Canada 24
Canada - Quebec 24
Chile 36
United States of America 60
Morocco 36
Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Herm, Jethou) and Isle of Man 12
Uruguay 12
Venezuela 24

(a) This period may be extended with a proof of continuation of contribution in the individual country of residence.

(b) This Social Security convention includes the 27 European Union states, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway (which are part of the European economic space), and also Switzerland