Stamp Tax

Stamp Tax, also know as Stamp Duty, is levied on any property deeds, contracts, documents, books, papers and other legal acts according to the General Table Annex of the Stamp Tax Code. The mentioned acts will also be subject to stamp tax if, although occurring outside Portuguese territory, they are presented for legal purposes in Portugal.

The next table summarizes the most common operations subject to stamp tax related with the purchase, holding and sale/donation of a property in Portugal.

Property Operations or Related Rate/Cost
Taxed On
0.80% the transmission value
Mortgages and other property deeds of finance 0.60% the loan amount
Rentals or sublets 10% one month's rent (one off cost)
Donations and Inheritance (spouses, descendants or ascendants) exempt the property value
Donations and Inheritance (other relatives) 10% the property value
Bank commissions 4% the cost of the financial service
Insurance comissions 2% the cost of the service
Notary emoluments 25 €
the act (one off cost)
Power of attorney 5 €
the document (one off cost)
Other contracts 5 €
the contract (one off cost)
Set-up of property holding companies 0.4% capital